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We Manufacture and Export the high merit of different Wood Cutting Tools like Circular Saw Blade, Hand Saw Blades, Chain Saw and many more. You cannot ignore the name Sanjeev Kumar and Brothers, when searching for the peak Circular Saw Blade manufacturers and exporters. The galaxy of our Wood Cutting Tools contains high ranked products, that have been classified on the basis of their sizes and other specifications as well.
TCT Think Kerf Range

Its been 16 long years when in 1995 we started manufacturing circular saw blades and company was completely focusing on the Non-Tipped segment of the circular saw blades so that customers can get a value for money blades which can give good cuts on their products. But with changing time we have to move forward and with that we have added the TIPPED SEGMENT OF THE CIRCULAR SAW BLADES in our range of Wood, Metal and Stone cutting saws.

Currently we are providing 7" to 10" Thin Kerf TCT Circular saw blade which are specially manufactured for industrial use for thinner and fines cuts in the wood. These blades are indigenously designed for those industries who require narrow and smooth cuts in wood with kerf range from 1.60mm to 2.20mm
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