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Metal Cutting Saw Blades

The Metal Cutting Tools offered by us are manufactured with the highest quality standards. With the help of the wide domain of best quality Metal Cutting Tools, we are well recognized among the high ranked Metal Cutting Circular Blade Manufacturers of the industry. Our position in the industry is well proven by the immense popularity of all of our Metal Cutting Tools including the Metal Cutting Saws.

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Manufactured from High Carbon Steel. Available in Mirror and Satin Finish. Our Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade is one of the fastest and safest metal cutting tool, as compared to the other types available in the marketplace. The aesthetic qualities and long term durability of the metal cutting circular saw blade offered by us is simply incomparable.
  • Working : For cutting Wood, Metal and Other Soft Products
  • Size Range : Diameter 100mm to 915mm
  • Thickness : 0.50mm to 5.00mm
  • Teeth : Commonly Available are Ripping and Cross-cut teeth.
  • Bore : Commonly Available in 5/8”, ½”, 3/8”, 1” Standard Packing : 5 Blades in Each Box